Mawdesley Villages


Welcome to Mawdesley & Neighbouring Villages u3a

Thinking of joining? New members are very welcome. Please see below.

The Wednesday Community Morning is in Mawdesley Village Hall, every Wednesday from 10:15 to 11:45

Charity number: 1128556

We would be delighted to welcome you. Our weekly Community Morning gives us the opportunity to meet new members, introduce them to some of the group leaders and explain the many activities that are on offer. We have many, many classes and activities run by members for members.

If you are interested in joining please use the link to the Chair on the Contact Page of the website to send a message, including your preferred telephone number, and he will contact you, or please turn up to a Wednesday Community Morning at Mawdesley Village Hall, where you can find details of all the groups and meet many of the leaders.

Tea or coffee is available for which you can give a small donation and, in a pleasant, social atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to talk to some of the 1000+ members.

If you are new to our u3a or by yourself, there is a Tea and Chat table where volunteers will be happy to talk and enjoy a drink with you. There is also a Helpdesk where there will be volunteers who will try to answer any of your questions. If you would like to view our u3a website and haven’t got internet access there will usually be someone at the Helpdesk who would be happy to show it to you on their computer. It is also the place where those thinking about joining our u3a can find out all about us.

When you arrive for the first time you will be introduced to someone on the Helpdesk who will explain how we are organised and answer any questions you may have. We will not ask for your membership fee until you are sure you wish to join us.

If you want to try a taster session at one of the groups, we can arrange this, however PLEASE CONTACT THE GROUP LEADER via their webpage in order to check a place is available. Once you become a member you can join as many groups as you wish. Most groups make a small charge to cover the room hire and refreshments.

The individual Group pages are regularly updated when information is provided by Group Leaders.

Email Newsletter: A regular newsletter is sent to all members who have provided email addresses. It contains messages from Group Leaders and links for sites and up to date information on links and services that might be of interest to members, also quizzes and other puzzles. If you are a member and are not receiving this newsletter and would like to then please use the link to the Secretary on the Contact Page of this website.

Whether you were looking for something specific or just exploring the internet, now that you have found this page we hope you will linger and explore the rest of the site. The links on the right will take you to more information about our u3a (Welcome and Information) and also to the websites of the national and regional organisations. Take your time, the u3a is about relaxing, enjoying and frequently learning, in the company of friendly, like-minded people of a certain age. We are all retired or semi-retired and like to be described as mature, experienced adults with a huge vitality and zest for life. One new member described us as a 'youth club for grown ups' and that, we hope you agree, creates an exciting image.

When you explore a little further you will find a huge variety of groups, activities, trips and events to suit all tastes. If you do not find what you are interested in, then join us and start a new group; you will very soon meet other people with a similar passion. The u3a is essentially a self-help organisation, flourishing through the willingness of individuals to lead groups and provide opportunities.